Is support included?


Which AP systems can I use?

APx systems can be used together with the AP Active LoadBox utility. However, you can use all AP systems in Manual mode,

Can I use Audio Measurement systems of other brands?

Yes, in manual mode you can use any other brand.

Is there a PowerCube manual available?

Yes, all PowerCube users can contact us to get a PowerCube manual: info@audiograph.se

Do you have any support plans?

Currently we do not offer any support plans. We provide the same first class support to all our customers.

Do you have a refund policy?

All AudioGraph test systems are built on order only, so we are sorry that no refunds are possible.

Is there a sales representative in my region?

Please refer to our Representation page under Services.

Worldwide Support

AudioGraph provides worldwide support for all our products.
Please contact us.